Thursday, June 15, 2006

With great wealth come great expectations

Bill Gates just said that as he is planning his change of focus from chairman of Microsoft to focus more on his foundation. Good for him! Some day I would like to say the same.


Margit said...

Go for it! I have absolutely no doubt that you can do it! I am sure you will do so because you have that certain energy in you. :)

At a different note: With blog sites also come expectations... ;)

David said...

Thanks :-) Also, touché on the blog writing expectations :-)

By the way, Warren Buffet got on the Gates philanthropic bandwagon with the paltry sum of $37 billion.

Talk about inspiration!

Margit said...

There is an article in the Economist about a survey re: wealth and philantrophy, which might be of interest to you:

I have to say that the philantrophic spirit in the U.S. strikes me every time I hear about it, and that is in a very positive way. I find it quite impressive how strong it is here compared to the rest of the world. Also, it makes me wonder what is driving it in this country where people sometimes appear very much self-centered and not much caring about others. Or, is this just my misperception? In any case, I hope the trend stays strong!