Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great Expectations

Today is a day of great expectations. I’ve decided to write a book.

Many people have been able to finish one. Today, why not I? I have the energy to start and finish a book today. This is what I’ll do today.

I just opened my eyes. I dreamt I would write a book. What a great idea. I just need to sleep on it for a few more minutes because I didn’t sleep very well.

My stupid neighbor has a problem with her water heater. It seems the thermostat on her water heater broke and so its fan goes on and off throughout the night. The noise really startles me. I need to stop by over there to tell her to please have it checked out. I’m not saying it’s my fault, but most likely she doesn’t’ even know of the prob-lem, and I’m the only one suffering having a really bad night while she sleeps very peacefully not knowing she’s disturbing one of her neighbors. OK, I’ll stop by to-day, first thing. Now, let’s try to sleep a little bit more, say about five more minutes.

I just spent about an hour trying to figure out why my computer froze. I lost about two or three sentences. Doesn’t seem like much, but the fact is that I lost my train of thought. Right now it’s past 1AM and I am completely bushed. I’ll write my book tomorrow. Hopefully the computer will be a bit more cooperative with me then. As for now, I’m saying good night to all.

Just remember that tomorrow I’ll write about today I'll write about my experiences while going to the gas station, then the supermarket being forgotten, going for a ride and then coming home. I wonder if I can write with the same fluidity when I get back.

Also remember to write that I tried to write this using my Palm Pilot, which also proceeded to freeze on me. To the skeptical reader, this may appear as an excuse for not really writing more interesting passages, but in fact this is exactly what happened. I only hope to be able to pick up where I left when I return tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

This is so so funny, it brings tears to your eyes ;-)