Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Silence is Good

Silence is good. What can we write to each other except for a few filtered highlights of our days? Not much I'm sure. There are times of connection and attraction that are best remembered, not evolved. Extraordinary experiences of truth make us; you helped make me. Now, silencing our souls with the chatter of daily happenings is the only choice to protect the absolute perfection and beauty of our past experience.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Once in a while I sit down and let the author in me take over. I wrote the essay below while on a trip to the mountains. The most interesting part of the "writing process" was the dichotomy between what I wrote and my actual state. I was very far from the ocean, and very far from feeling sad or frustrated.

The waves twinkle. They reflect the light of the setting sun. My beloved poet, I’m sure, drowning in this beauty composed odes to this night. But she’s gone now. This night is worthy of tragedy, or of love, or of demons, or of sex, or of murder and death. It doesn’t matter. It’s intense. I hold my tears back as my stomach weaves nothing but knots. I can’t decide. Should I vomit? Cry? Scream? Jump? Who was he?
The water looks delicious. Look at the rocks below; so far. What a shame it would be to stain these rocks with putrid blood. No, can’t do it. Besides, why poison overwhelming beauty with the shit inside my veins? The breeze smells good.
“Your hair flows.” I smile. She’d never said that before. Why now? ”Were you crying?” Why the fuck does she always interrupt when I’m about to paint nature with red poison? “Hi. No just looking at the sunset” “Yes, beautiful”. So beautiful I suffocate.
Who was he? This mockery, this dissonance of colors oppresses me: pastel outside, black inside. Inside, there’s a war. The acid of this battle burns my heart. Ah, anger, how fun. My mouth sours. She caresses me. “Forgive me”, but I cringe and poisoned adrenaline fills my tears with rage. As I fake a smile, strain cracks my lips and red fills my mouth with a taste of sadness (Sadness tastes sweet. I am addicted to sweetness). I’m fed by red despair.
“Sorry this happened”. The waves splash the rocky beach below but the limestone, discontent, wants to suck my red. The rocks invite me. Are they dry sponges begging to be fed with blood? Curious. They crave poison; they’re like vampires addicted to sadness. The waves twinkle. They reflect the light of the red sun. I must paint nature red. I fly; I can fly! I crash on the rocks below. I ooze out of my limp body and decide to paint and color the limestone. Red. So beautiful, so sad, so sweet …. so dark.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sorely wrong

Where in my thinking (and/or assumptions) did I go wrong?

This was my thinking 4 years ago:

Regarding the Euro: The European economies are stagnating and the American economy is booming. This means buy Dollars, sell Euro. I was totally wrong!

Regarding Real Estate: People are going to flock to "safer" less dense areas. Real Estate prices in cities will stagnate or deflate.

Evidently I have been exactly wrong as precisely the opposite came to being.

What is the outlook for the near- to mid-term future? Something to think about!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sauvignyplatz - Berlin

Sentado aquí en un restaurante enfrente de la estación de "S-bahn" y deleitando una rica ensalada de tomate con mozzarella, observo la gente que va y viene, en este día relativamente caluroso. Es chistoso relatar lo que veo, ya que obviamente son todos Europeos. Para mi ojo Americano hay definitivamente cierta diferencia, pero no sabría explicar a detalle de que se trata. Por ejemplo sale un punk con pelos rizados. Sale una chica con una camiseta super apretada. Sale un octogenario con la pinta de que por qué le cambiaron su barrio. Sale un par de mujeres cotorreando historias de sus vidas. Me digo, "esto está para foto".

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Decorating my Miami Place


Well, I've decided to buy as much from BoConcept as possible. Also, I've been shopping around the past few days. Of course rather than shopping I could have been looking at investments. What's the cost/benefit? Obviously, I'm just taking some time off from my real business.

General Maritime: Running out of steam?

GMR: Summary for GENERAL MARITIME CP - Yahoo! Finance

GMR has been really good to me as an investment. Is it time to sell? Time to do a thorough analysis.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Redeployment of Assets

I'm positive I can more effectively deploy my assets to take better advantage of all my resources. My 'assets' are: time, youth, due diligence and private investment savvy, a few properties, and various other investments in equities.

Opportunities on table

These are some of the private investment opportunities I have come across in the last few months. I must set up a legal structure to be able to invest in these companies.
  1. Ellen Myers from Platinum is producing a film about snowboarding. She is currently looking for funds.
  2. Jared Rose will be marketing Tony Robbins producs (at events) and is seeking short-term financing with a 12% net return.
  3. Greenlight Energy, a developer of wind energy, approached me a while ago with early-stage investment opportunities.

Re-purposing this blog

The original intention of this blog was to focus exclusively on my investment activities. I've decided to expand on its scope to include thoughts and happenings in my life. In essence this will become a journal of my life along with its wins and challenges. I hope you'll post many comments.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Where I get my stock tips

Jason had asked me, I believe in Palm Springs, if I use any tools for my investments. Well, I use CNBCU mostly: CNBC

I'm also an avid reader (less these days for some reason) of "Investors Business Daily" (

Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance

The market is doing well today