Friday, June 01, 2007

The birth of new ideas and a new man

Things can become clear all of a sudden. For me, clarity came. It hit me like a train! I suddenly saw the ligt at the end of the tunnel.
But enough with the cute sayings. If I keep writing like this, this blog entry will be nothing but a trainwreck.
"Things", as I said in a previous sentence, have become clear. That doesn't mean I should make these things clear to you, my dear reader. I'm just documenting that they became clear.
When things become clear, much of your philosophy changes. Many of the things you did before have suddenly a different meaning. Priorities change and you can clearly distinguish between a before the clarity and an after the clarity time.
To relativists, actions and reasons depend on the point of view of the actor. Well, I can truly say my points of view have changed dramatically.