Sunday, March 11, 2007

The story behind this album

This is the story behind Melodic Subtlety - Solo Piano.

Cover Art

As I play the piano, tears of emotion fall from her angelical face. I play the last note, she devours me with bedroom eyes, smiles and in her sexiest voice she says: "You must do it. I can't wait any longer! It is your duty as a man". My heart skips the way only a supermodel can affect a man's vital organs. "It's now or never", and I go for it with all my passion. As I start to kiss her, she slaps me (really hard, actually) and says. "Not, do me, you idiot, do it!". My face hurts as much as my ego. She finally explains. I am supposed to compose music and share it with the world. Aah, clarity!! Oh well, my piano album is the result. ;-)

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Experiencing the beauty of each person

Life has many turns.  Undiscovered feelings appear out of nowhere.  One cannot control everything one sets out to do, even if one tries.  What is "the secret" that everyone seems to be talking about right now?  The secret is to believe!  Easy to sell, impossible to prove wrong.