Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just Do It!

Simple realizations are what creates progress in a life. The thought below is not earth shattering. In fact, it has been around for millenia (probably). Yet, not until you fully understand and live it has it the power to give you an "aha effect".

Just do it!

It's quite amazing the progress that can be achieved by just doing stuff, rather than thinking about it.

Futhermore, "flow" can only be achieved in the process of actually performing a task.

Therefore, just do, focus on what you do, and don't think about what else or where else you could be.


Entre_Pilar said...

As someone who knows you personally I am a witness of how much you have achieved by using the "Just DO it!" motto. The NIKE slogan may have become a cliche of modern pop-culture, but it's still as powerful as it first was when it first came out. This simple truth, is just that, simple to understand, but for some harder to execute..

Margit said...

This is so very much true. Following this motto is a crucial aspect of life; that way we don't have to experience what J.L. Borges describes in his poem "instantes".

However, one has to be aware of the other extreme. It is quite easy to get busy doing stuff and then get lost in activities because one doesn't focus on the big picture. Doesn't it all go back to having the right balance in life?