Friday, June 01, 2007

The birth of new ideas and a new man

Things can become clear all of a sudden. For me, clarity came. It hit me like a train! I suddenly saw the ligt at the end of the tunnel.
But enough with the cute sayings. If I keep writing like this, this blog entry will be nothing but a trainwreck.
"Things", as I said in a previous sentence, have become clear. That doesn't mean I should make these things clear to you, my dear reader. I'm just documenting that they became clear.
When things become clear, much of your philosophy changes. Many of the things you did before have suddenly a different meaning. Priorities change and you can clearly distinguish between a before the clarity and an after the clarity time.
To relativists, actions and reasons depend on the point of view of the actor. Well, I can truly say my points of view have changed dramatically.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Creative Process

I have just swiveled my chair to write on this keyboard. I was, you see, "writing" on my other keyboard. The one with the white and black keys. The one that sounds like anything except the way I want it to sound.
The creative process is so ephemeral. There may not even be a "creative process" to speak of. Can something that doesn't even exist be ephemeral?

Monday, April 16, 2007

A polemic against the "Personal Development Industry"

Thank goodness for all those tools that I learned at that latest seminar. It was just the one seminar I was missing.

Now, I have finally figured it all out. For example, I now completely understand all women. Love is sooo easy now. But why bore you with the easy stuff.

After my personal development course on wealth I made $100 Million in two days. I would tell you how to do it, but then again, why bore you here. All you have to do is take the course.

Let's talk about the really easy part. Making absolutely all your wishes come true. I figured it all out. Actually, I was taught it by my personal life coach. But it's also "secret", so you better get the DVD. How come I didn't think of "it". Now I know everything.

I'm so happy that you have no alternative but to like me.

Animals even talk to me. I walk on fire. I have had so many out of body experiences that I'm running out of planets to visit. For variety, I just get colonics, because after all that's where all the shit is.

My chakras are perfect. I go to massages where no one touches me. After all, it's "network care" where they really care about fixing everything that's wrong with you.

I gave up meat and chicken and fish. Now the rabbits are going hungry because I eat all their food. That's why they talk to me.

I would tell you more but I think first you must want to change yourself. I could show you (for a small fee of course, aren't you worth the investment?).

I'm glad I changed my life. It's really good being me. I know it all.

Now, where did I put my keys?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The story behind this album

This is the story behind Melodic Subtlety - Solo Piano.

Cover Art

As I play the piano, tears of emotion fall from her angelical face. I play the last note, she devours me with bedroom eyes, smiles and in her sexiest voice she says: "You must do it. I can't wait any longer! It is your duty as a man". My heart skips the way only a supermodel can affect a man's vital organs. "It's now or never", and I go for it with all my passion. As I start to kiss her, she slaps me (really hard, actually) and says. "Not, do me, you idiot, do it!". My face hurts as much as my ego. She finally explains. I am supposed to compose music and share it with the world. Aah, clarity!! Oh well, my piano album is the result. ;-)

Get it at iTunes, Amazon or at my website

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Experiencing the beauty of each person

Life has many turns.  Undiscovered feelings appear out of nowhere.  One cannot control everything one sets out to do, even if one tries.  What is "the secret" that everyone seems to be talking about right now?  The secret is to believe!  Easy to sell, impossible to prove wrong.


Friday, December 22, 2006

I made a Piano Solo CD!! :-)

Well, I finally did it. I created a second CD.

I would love for all of you guys to support me an check it out at

Or, you can buy it at Amazon:

My music has been described as beautiful and relaxing. I would love for you guys to check it out and let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

With great wealth come great expectations

Bill Gates just said that as he is planning his change of focus from chairman of Microsoft to focus more on his foundation. Good for him! Some day I would like to say the same.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Great Expectations

Today is a day of great expectations. I’ve decided to write a book.

Many people have been able to finish one. Today, why not I? I have the energy to start and finish a book today. This is what I’ll do today.

I just opened my eyes. I dreamt I would write a book. What a great idea. I just need to sleep on it for a few more minutes because I didn’t sleep very well.

My stupid neighbor has a problem with her water heater. It seems the thermostat on her water heater broke and so its fan goes on and off throughout the night. The noise really startles me. I need to stop by over there to tell her to please have it checked out. I’m not saying it’s my fault, but most likely she doesn’t’ even know of the prob-lem, and I’m the only one suffering having a really bad night while she sleeps very peacefully not knowing she’s disturbing one of her neighbors. OK, I’ll stop by to-day, first thing. Now, let’s try to sleep a little bit more, say about five more minutes.

I just spent about an hour trying to figure out why my computer froze. I lost about two or three sentences. Doesn’t seem like much, but the fact is that I lost my train of thought. Right now it’s past 1AM and I am completely bushed. I’ll write my book tomorrow. Hopefully the computer will be a bit more cooperative with me then. As for now, I’m saying good night to all.

Just remember that tomorrow I’ll write about today I'll write about my experiences while going to the gas station, then the supermarket being forgotten, going for a ride and then coming home. I wonder if I can write with the same fluidity when I get back.

Also remember to write that I tried to write this using my Palm Pilot, which also proceeded to freeze on me. To the skeptical reader, this may appear as an excuse for not really writing more interesting passages, but in fact this is exactly what happened. I only hope to be able to pick up where I left when I return tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A beautiful day

He could not sleep anyway. The mist of the rancid smog burned his eyes forcing him to close them to a slit. He heard the screeching of brakes and turned to see the black diesel fumes stinging and staining the air. His clogged and bloody nose could not smell the putrid air, nor feel the freezing temperature of this horrible morning. He had fought last night. Everything hurt. His stomach was used to emptiness. The pain of hunger, so long a part of his life had never left him. He no longer worried. He had been able to gather some newspapers the night before to cover his frail body for the chilly sleepless night. A brick had served as his pillow for the night and his head hurt. He had been content until this stupid bus, trying to “score points” by trying to run over a scraggly dog, woke him from his numbness. The dog, almost hit, whimpered out of the way. The driver, missing one of his front teeth, let out an awful laughter, coughed, and spat some dark phlegm out of the window. And so another day began.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Those young eyes now forever hidden from his glance would never smile or cry for him. Her soul, lifting slowly from her body senses him, recognizes him, flies past him in a vain effort to caress him and know him. He lifts his eyes. While his body trembles his heart sinks in despair. Her spirit struggles to return.

It's too late.

They would never meet.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Evidence furnishes proof. It always provides the same results, based on natural laws, no matter the observer.

The beauty of evidence is that it is not open to discussion. It either is, or it is not.

Man must urgently, avidly and frantically pursue evidence as the new renaissance of thought should he ever want to survive the current dark age of thought and reason that will undoubtedly take us all to Armageddon. Beliefs in fantastic yet unfounded stories, such as religion and its dogma, manipulation and spin, euphemisms and values can do nothing but subject humanity to lives of ignorance, war and despair. We have come a long way because we understand a bit more than we did in the not too distant past. Unfortunately, the future looks bleak because it seems we are going back on truly investigating knowledge through evidence.

Furthermore, learning based on evidence should be applied to every facet of human life from medicine to physics, from psychology to economics, and yes from ethics and religion to love and human happiness.

Fortunately for most of us the renaissance occurred. Even though the price was high for many, some of humanity slowly came out of the ignorant grip of the Middle Ages (alas, if only for a tiny moment). During the time of reason it was finally possible for a few truly curious scientists to study aerodynamics, gravity, electricity, astronomy and a few other sciences without having to burn at the stake for being “blasphemous” yet curious pioneers. As I said, some paid with their lives. Think Galilei. But at least some progress came out of it. Unfortunately for most of us, we still haven’t come out of the dark ages in many other fields that crave for strict methodical research and study. Today, no one dares to really study the evidentiary validity of religious dogma for fear of reprisal. It is a “taboo” and “politically incorrect” to question dogma. After all, we are all “tolerant” of each other. Also unfortunately for most of us, no one dares to really study the science of human relationships without having someone push their values and their personal sense of ethics. (an obvious oxymoron as there should not be a “sense of ethics”, it’s either ethical, or it isn’t).
It’s time to really wake up and learn through evidence all about nature and about ourselves. After After all, we are part of nature.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Evolution evolves emotions

Recently, I read a New York Times story alluding to the notion that human evolution is still underway. This probably won't seem as one of the greatest of discoveries or insights of the century because as the word itself would hint, it's in the nature of evolution to evolve.

But apart from saying "so tell me something new", I find that there is great relief to be drawn from this "discovery". In fact, I would dare to say that these are really wonderful news. I believe it's fantastic to hear that somewhere in our genetic pool there is still a lot of room for improvement.

So, how does knowledge of this largely accepted fact help you or me? Well, it doesn't really.

But since we are (still) inquisitive creatures, why not keep on wondering and ask where evolution is planning to take us:

Even if evolution were to ever be finally finished, what sort of species would we then be?

Scientists study evolution mostly from the physical perspective. They focus mostly on the fossil and DNA records of our ancestors. Instead, I am more interested in the evolution of emotions. How will evolution evolve our emotions. Will it magnify the positive emotions and do away with the negative ones? After all, if evolution is the survival of the fittest then feeling good should certainly part of it.

So I wonder,
  • Will we then be satisfied?
  • Is pain going to not longer be part of love?
  • Will loneliness become archaic?
  • What sense will drive us?

Food for thought.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just Do It!

Simple realizations are what creates progress in a life. The thought below is not earth shattering. In fact, it has been around for millenia (probably). Yet, not until you fully understand and live it has it the power to give you an "aha effect".

Just do it!

It's quite amazing the progress that can be achieved by just doing stuff, rather than thinking about it.

Futhermore, "flow" can only be achieved in the process of actually performing a task.

Therefore, just do, focus on what you do, and don't think about what else or where else you could be.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

They were expecting him in one hour. (Fiction)

They were expecting him in one hour.

Waiting at Starbucks he knew this day would define the rest of his life. He never thought it would come to this. After a lifetime of winning he thought he could never lose. But he lost, and they were expecting him in one hour. This was not a nightmare, this was worse.

One hour. In his head, he replayed what happened many times. What went wrong? One more hour!

Robert closed his eyes and slowed his breathing down. The hustle and bustle of the store seemed to play outside of him. He was a spectator, a bit bored with the spectacle, going deep into his thoughts. He was to meet with them in an hour.

.... to be continued

Wednesday, February 01, 2006



He kept screaming at the top of his lungs: “We’re all going to jail”. His colleagues and coworkers, riveted but bewildered by this sudden bout of rage, were not sure what to make of this. Was his ranting diatribe an early onset of some rare case of Turret’s syndrome or was he really expressing fear based on concrete evidence? Scott was after all a top dog at HAP, the fastest growing advertising company in the West Coast. He was someone to always be taken seriously and not simply for his typical yet sudden almost manic rages.

The golden rim of his Versace glasses, long ago dull and scratched by his constant nervous habit of wiping them with his dry fingers, were perhaps the harbinger of less shiny times to come. But for now, not a single soul at this last extravagant Caribbean executive meeting, or “networking event” as his cronies liked to call it, could have fathomed that this would be Scott's last trip outside his cell. Not even Gustavo, his most trusted childhood friend, the man with an almost uncanny ability to foresee the tides of change, could see it coming.

Scott, red with anger continued to attack the shocked executives who still wondered when this joke was going to end. “This is a Ponzi scheme. They are on my tail and I swear, I will NOT be the only one going down. I’ll bring all of your asses down to the slammer with me if that’s what I have to do!!” “Ya cálmate, coño”, whispered Gustavo. “We can still fix this. Don’t worry about it” As Gustavo spoke, Scott, still lost in his mad stupor, swallowed three of his tranquilizer pills. He had to stop the buzzing in his ears and somehow these tablets did the trick.

... to be continued ...